FAQs Holy Shoots!

It is a solution containing a hormone that promotes multiple axillary bud activation.

After cutting the tip part of the plant you are propagating, apply a few drops of Holy Shoots! on the base of the plant (leaves, petioles, stem).

When you decide to propagate your plant, these conditions are ideal to achieve the best results from using the solution. Make sure the plant is healthy and big enough to be propagated. Presence of multiple nodes or branches and/or aerial roots are good indications. Make sure the plant is not undergoing any stress (i.e., stress from lack or too much water, heat, humidity, light, pH, pests and diseases, etc.). The plant should have a good root system to support multiple growth points later on. Weather condition must be favourable to the plant you are cutting (e.g., tropical plants will require at least 20°C and 70% relative humidity to favour their growth). This should not be an issue if you have a controlled environment for the plant such as greenhouses and indoor modified environment.

Holy Shoots!, like all solutions containing plant growth hormones, must be stored in a cold and dry place, ideally at 5-15°C, and away from direct sunlight.

Yes, but it will not give you the best results; this is due to a phenomenon called apical dominance, which is when the apical meristem produces too much auxin which prevents axillary buds from growing. However, there are some species (e.g., Syngonium, based on our experience) that may give the same result even without cutting the tip.

If stored properly, the Holy Shoots! solution should be good until the last drop.

Theoretically, Holy Shoots! can be applied to most plants you wish to propagate. But this formulation has been optimized for soft wood application i.e., best for household plants, home gardening, etc.

If you have not observed any result within two weeks, you can reapply the solution same as how you did in the first application. Plants may contain high levels of auxin endogenously and that the first application may have acted only as a neutralizer. In this case, a second application may aid in activating the axillary bud.

Yes, Holy Shoots! is an alcohol-based solution containing a plant hormone. Although the hormone occurs naturally and is regarded as “relatively safe”, it is still advisable to practice safe handling of the solution, during plant propagation (minimal skin contact), and safe storage (out of children's reach).

New shoots may be visible as early as one week after application depending on the health of the plant and the existing environmental conditions.

Some results using the Holy Shoots! can be found here: https://holyshoots.com/gallery/